Minutes of the meeting held at the North Norfolk Railway on Monday 10th February 2020.

PRESENT:                        John Roseby – Clive Sanham – Andrew Munden – Glen Holmes – Barry Starling – Jeremy Stubbs – Charlotte Stubbs – Ian Abernethy – Liz Hornshaw

IN ATTENDANCE:         Madeline Ashcroft, Mayor

                                         Liz Withington, Deputy Mayor

APOLOGIES:                   Charlotte Norton

                                         Jonathan Care

01/20            Minutes of the previous meeting

It was confirmed that only informal notes had been taken of the meeting held on the 29th January 2020 and that this would be considered to be the first full meeting of the new committee.

02/20            Open issues

Carnival advert

A draft was provided by IA but all agreed that it required further work to reduce the number of words. After discussion a revised version was returned to IA and it was noted that should any further work be required the deadline is the 2nd March.

Roles on the committee

LH said that she is happy to assist in the creation of the new website content and to act as administrator and would also be happy to assist with the new Facebook page. CS explained that a new Experience Sheringham Facebook page is being created as the existing will not for some reason, permit CS to take control of it. Once established anyone using the existing page will be encouraged to transfer to the new following which the existing page will be closed down. LH will attempt to set up a small group to assist in these tasks and it was noted that members of this group don’t have to be committee members. JR said that he will email members seeking assistance for LH.


This year anyone can advertise on the Experience Sheringham website as an incentive to join the Chamber, but in future years they will have to members of the Chamber to obtain a discounted rate.

Correspondence received

Paul Robinson, owner of the Sheringham Kitchen had been in touch seeking support from members concerning the delayed re-opening of his shop for which he has received complaints. Members have been circulated.

Experience Sheringham website update

LW said that the link from the Sheringham Town Council website still functions but will be re-named. CS will send LW the Chamber logo so that LW can update the Town Council website.


Objectives and purpose of the Chamber

The committee reviewed the 8 points produced by GH earlier that day. In producing the list GH had researched other Chambers. It was agreed to add “to act as a pressure group and be the go-to point for media enquiries”. After discussion it was agreed that the Chamber must seek views from existing members as to what they wish the Chamber to focus on in the future and non-members should also be consulted to find out what prevents them from joining.

After discussion it was agreed to hold a workshop for which MA and LW most kindly offered the Community Centre as a venue and LW will act as facilitator. The date of the Monday 16th March was agreed from 19:00 to 21:00.

POST MEETING NOTE: In view of JR being away on holiday it was subsequently agreed to postpone this date until his return.

JR agreed to draft a piece to give to Stuart Anderson of Archant that can appear in the EDP and North Norfolk News and for which MA and LW will provide a quotation on behalf of the Town Council.

ACTION:     JR / MA / LW

It was agreed that Rob Young, NNDC Head of Economic & Community Development and Stewart Damonsing, NNDC Business Development Officer, should also be invited to the meeting.


Feedback on meetings with the Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership

JR reported that he had a very productive meeting with Peter Mayne, Chair of the Bittern Line CRP, Martin Halliday, Community Rail Norfolk Development Officer and LW. From this it was agreed that the Chamber will become a member of the CRP. MH is developing the idea of a discount marketing promotion that can run for Bittern Line passengers with businesses in the town; those taking part will be identified by window stickers provided by the CRP as will marketing posters. The CRP are contributing towards the cost of the new town maps and it was suggested that the Chamber may also wish to contribute towards the development cost.

POST MEETING NOTE: The North Norfolk Railway has also agreed to contribute towards the project.

JR noted that the community noticeboard on the station can be used for any town promotion and that LW holds the keys. It is hoped that the town can take part in the Community Rail Day to be held in Cambridge on the 13th May 2020.The meeting was closed at 20:10.