Political update

  • Filming and broadcasting at permitted visitor economy venues update: The Business Visits & Events Partnership has sought guidance on filming and broadcasting at permitted visitor economy venues and can share that both can take place subject to those using the premises, following the guidance issued for filming from the British Film Commission or in the case of TV production, the BBC. The number of persons allowed on site will be in accordance with the filming or TV production guidance. However, arrangements for meetings, accommodation, or food and refreshments will need to follow the relevant visitor economy guidance. Exhibition and conference centres are not permitted venues presently, and therefore not able to use their facilities for these purposes.

Scotland update

  • It is expected that the First Minister will announce a move to mandatory taking of contact details from next week for the hospitality sector. There are also indications that Scottish Government is considering other measures to further prevent spread and hotspots in our sector. Further details and clarity on this are expected imminently.

 Government updates

Tourism updates

  • The latest Covid-19 Consumer Tracker Report for week 11, based on fieldwork from 27-31 July, may be being influenced by some of the negative publicity, both domestically and overseas, around the pandemic. Here we’ve seen lockdown measures being re-introduced in Leicester and the Manchester/Bradford regions, while the spikes in cases in some parts of Spain resulted in holidaymakers returning from the country having to self-quarantine for 14 days. This has manifested itself in just 16% of UK adults now thinking the worst has passed (compared with 31% in Week 4 of the survey).
  • Only 22% are now expecting ‘normality’ by the end of this year, and confidence in the ability to take a domestic trip continues to slowly decline. For those lacking confidence around winter trips, concerns around catching coronavirus is a major factor (with 52% citing this), but in second and third positions we see people saying ‘it’s not responsible to travel’ and ‘general unease about travelling’, which suggests reassurance is going to be a major factor in encouraging trips during this period.
  • More positively, over half of Summer Intenders have already planned their trip while 44% have committed to booking it. Of course, the broader challenge is encouraging more bookings from Winter Intenders (for trips between October ‘20 – March ‘21), which currently stands at 17%, although this is 5 points up on Week 10.

Situation update 6 August 2020